Cities versus Towns versus Villages

Posted by apm-wa on 24 December 2018 in English (English)

The authoritative list of provinces, districts, and municipalities of Turkmenistan coupled with the legal definitions of types of municipalities have allowed me to categorize the “cities” of Turkmenistan following visits to many of them or collection of on-the-ground data about them either directly or through third parties. I am almost done with the list of “cities” (şäherler).

I have not yet located one city on the list: the city of Dostluk in Lebap velayat. There is a village called Dostluk that is part of another village council (Serdar geňeşligi), but it is unlikely to be a “city” unless the authoritative list of municipalities contains an error (always possible and not to be completely disregarded). Where is the mysterious city of Dostluk in Lebap velayat? It has to be there, somewhere!

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