Updates to Lebap Welayat in Turkmenistan

Posted by apm-wa on 16 April 2018 in English (English)

Among the things on my to-do list are checking to ensure that changes to names of places in Lebap welayat adopted in November 2017 have been taken care of. The whole list is in this article in the Russian language. As time permits, I’ll check and edit as necessary. Among other things, the city of Atamyrat and surrounding district have had their old names (Kerki and Kerki etraby) restored. I changed the city name some time back but still have some work ahead.

Location: Lebap Region, Turkmenistan

Comment from Marych_ on 17 April 2018 at 09:20

Hi apm-wa, I have a question regarding your edits. I see some objects

& etc. with layer=-1

What for you use layer ?

Comment from apm-wa on 17 April 2018 at 13:16

Hi, Marych! Layer determines the hierarchy by which objects that overlap are displayed. A lower layer number (e.g., layer=-1) will be shown beneath a higher layer number (e.g., layer=0). Since the default for buildings and streets is 0, if I make the grounds of a school or hospital layer=-1, the grounds will be shown under the building, rather than covering up the building, in the standard layer of OSM. You can also then use the layer tag in applications, like Maperitive, for determining how to render objects (buildings above the ground, not underground, as one example).

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