New Year's Day mapping in Abadan and Köşi

Posted by apm-wa on 1 January 2018 in English (English)

Ann and I celebrated New Year's Day by taking advantage of the low level of traffic (many revelers evidently slept in) to explore a previously unmapped industrial road southeast of Abadan that serves a large gravel quarry. We collected both GPS traces and Mapillary imagery, and then proceeded northward to collect more street names in Abadan. We also collected some POIs in Köşi, specifically numbers assigned to schools and kindergartens. This is a particular interest of mine since, in the event of a major earthquake, the schools and kindergartens will likely be used as emergency shelters and rally points, and thus places to look for survivors.

We corrected some streets (one mapped as a through street in reality dead ends at what appears to be a school house, for example) and hunted down some streets signs. All in all, we had a moderately productive afternoon, and a pleasant drive.

Another section of Köşi has been demolished, to the north and south of the extension of Magtymguly şaýoly that was extended westward a few months ago. Houses either have been torn down or are in process of demolition. It is not clear what is next for that neighborhood. I removed buildings from OSM that no longer exist, based on this ground truth, and collected some Mapillary imagery to corroborate.

Location: Buzmeyin etraby boundary, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

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