OpenStreetMap displays presidential election results on OpenStreetMap

Posted by andrewsh on 17 March 2014 in English (English).

Slovak news website has published an interactive map prepared by Michal Škop which visualises the results of the first round of presidential elections that took place here last Saturday. Quite surprisingly, this map uses OpenStreetMap as the base layer, and Leaflet as its web map library to display nice coloured circles over the map with detailed statistics popping up on mouse click. Andrej Kiska is definitely a winner in Košice

Location: Nivy, Ružinov, District of Bratislava II, Bratislava, Region of Bratislava, Slovakia

Comment from Stalfur on 17 March 2014 at 14:48

Don’t think it is surprising as it is free to use. The stranger thing for me is that the colored bubbles are in the color of a narrow winner, does that mean they get all the votes from that district (first past the post) or is it just the combined votes all over country that make sure who gets to the second round?

The huge Bratislava circle for example show very narrow margin for the winner.

Comment from andrewsh on 17 March 2014 at 14:54

The label over the map translates as ‘The size of a bubble shows the number of voters [in the town], and the colour corresponds to the winner’. A little bit strange, yes.

Comment from andrewsh on 17 March 2014 at 14:56

Try choosing different candidates from the combo box near the next map (not OSM, presumably, but the official cadastre rather, I think). It distorts the map in fish eye style and display nice animation of a histogram being sorted :)

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