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Improve OSM Improved - and now with Turn Restrictions over 2 years ago

It seems like the vast majority of turn restrictions on ImproveOSM in the Greater Toronto Area are false positives. Most of them are u-turns which few people are making but as far as I can tell most of them have no sign prohibiting them. Most of the turn restrictions in Toronto are only at specific times and you need to do a survey (or use Mapillary) to find them. Also I found a strange false positive at Lake Shore and Strachan in Toronto where there is a right turn ramp westbound but it looks like there is no sign prohibiting turning right without the right turn ramp (see Mapillary). I did find a highway overpass that was incorrectly glued to a highway at Highway 403 and Highway 24 near Brantford though, which I fixed.

New Telenav tool: Fix missing and wrong one-way streets over 2 years ago

There are a lot of false positives caused by highway offramps leading to and from a two way road (most often, a service road parallel to the highway). Most of the traffic is going one way, but it is possible to go the other way.

Yet another noname layer ... over 5 years ago
  1. There are several ways to tag no name roads. which has an alternative no names tool uses validate:no_name=yes, but ignores noname=yes. Can you please support the alternative ways of tagging no name roads (or should support noname=yes?)

  2. highway=primary_link, highway=secondary_link, highway=tertiary_link etc. usually have no name and having no name is not incorrect. These should show up as orange.

  3. Can you make the JOSM remote control not open a new tab? Thanks.

Google Maps guilty in France of abusing the dominant position of its mapping service over 6 years ago

"Wikipedia accused of using its dominant position to unfairly compete with Encyclopedia Britannica". This is not a crime.

Severely Pissed Off over 6 years ago

This user has made minor edits to all the fire hydrants in my area (Toronto). Thus making them non-ODBL compliant.

Toronto, Canada city map resources over 6 years ago

This data is not properly licensed for OSM.

Lonely no-entry signs almost 7 years ago

Often there will be a very short stretch of one way road in these circumstances (i.e. there will be a short section of road that is narrowed so that there is only one car lane). In this case, I would use a one way tag.

If there is only a do not enter sign but the road is not one way and the road is wide enough for 2 cars to pass then use a turn restriction. In some cases I have seen do not enter signs which only apply at certain times of day e.g. to side streets off Eglinton Avenue West in Toronto. These are basically turn restrictions.

last entry about 7 years ago

I'm tempted to say the same thing myself. I don't care what license my data is under and I have accepted the new license but I do not want to see data deleted because I think that this will kill the project. OSM data is useful because it is relatively accurate and complete in many parts of the world and deleting data will create holes in the map which will make the data useless (e.g. suppose 1/4 of road segments were created by users who didn't accept the new license, but they are scattered semi-randomly - deleting this data makes the map data totally useless for end users.) Then users will have to waste a bunch of time repairing this mess but the incompleteness of the data will scare off users. As long as there are a significant number of users who have not accepted the license terms (and there may be a significant number of contributions by users who contributed for a while then left the project and forgot about OSM and didn't bother to respond to emails), this will be a problem. I want to spend my time mapping not wasting it cleaning up a mess made by legalese that 99.9% of non-lawyer OSM contributors couldn't care less about. If this crazy idea of deleting data goes ahead I guarantee that everyone will migrate to a fork with the old license and intact data versus the ODBL version with a quarter of the data missing.

Mixed emotions after some days contributing to OSM over 7 years ago

There's lots of inactive users in my area (Toronto) as well. Maybe we should send them emails to encourage them to contribute?

Only 400 Million Maps? We've Got ESRI Beat! over 7 years ago

You need substantially more than 1 tile to make a map of decent size. I think that this statistic is meaningless, sorry.

Imagery Wins Over GPS? almost 8 years ago

If the imagery is properly licensed, by all means trace from it. Of course, surveying is very much encouraged since the imagery may be out of date/unclear and some things cannot be added from imagery (road names, small businesses, house numbers...)

Comparison to Google Maps about 8 years ago

This seems to be a perennial problem with Google Maps and other proprietary data. For instance, Google recently (a few days ago) rolled out new data for Canada, which is mostly derived from GeoBase government data (which OpenStreetMap is also using). It is full of errors and omissions, for instance the lack of the recently opened northern extension of Highway 410 in Brampton which is correct on OSM. My only advice is to keep mapping and NEVER use Google as a data source.

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N00b question about 8 years ago

Just realign the roads to match the satellite imagery. There are a couple of GPS traces in the area you are looking at, it is obvious that the satellite imagery is aligned properly in the Memphis area. (Don't forget that GPS can also be inaccurate as well.)

Numbering houses about 8 years ago

Get up early on a Sunday morning and do it - no traffic and hardly anyone outside, but it's still light out (in the summer).

Queensbury/Glens Falls, NY US about 8 years ago

TIGER 2009 data is better than the old TIGER data which is currently in OSM. See: .

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Cody, Wyoming, USA. about 8 years ago

It might be useful to copy from Tiger 2009: This is public domain government data and significantly better quality than what is currently imported into OSM.

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