Better weather = more mapping

Posted by andrewpmk on 8 February 2009 in English (English)

The weather was better today (+5 degrees C) so I went mapping again around Eglinton & Victoria Park today. I hadn't been doing much mapping in January because of the cold. Unfortunately reading week is coming soon which means essays, essays and more essays due right after so I won't be able to map as much as I like.

Location: Victoria Village, North York, Toronto, Ontario, M4A 2B1, Canada

Comment from LivingWithDragons on 9 February 2009 at 21:22

I don't get reading weeks, my understanding was that they were a few days off in effect.

Comment from andrewpmk on 10 February 2009 at 01:36

Yeah but at University of Toronto the profs seem to make everything due the week after reading week. So less mapping for me just as the weather gets better.

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