Mapperley’s Lime Tree Gardens Soakaway

Posted by alexkemp on 13 March 2019 in English (English). Last updated on 23 June 2022.

Lime Tree Gardens Soakaway Lime Tree Gardens Soakaway (map)

This is the second time that I’ve come across a Flood Lagoon (the far-more-impressive first time was back on 20 June 2016 with the Carlton Foxhill Road Central Flood Prevention Lagoon. Thanks to lots of help provided on that First Contact, and after a phone call with Nav today (“my name is ‘Nav‘, like ‘SatNav’”) I’ve also got the inside skinny from Severn Trent on this one. And it is complicated…

There is a rectangle of grass (map) that encloses the whole thing:–

  • landuse = grass

3 sides have a metre-high fence (map):–

  • use menu: Highways|Barriers|Fence

The man-made structure that you can see in the centre of that photo above is two outlet pipes for a culvert that conducts surface water from the nearby estate’s roads into the soakaway:–

Lime Tree Gardens outlet

  • use menu: Man Made|Man Made|Pipeline
    (I was far less sure of using this one)

I’m much more confident of the mapping with the Soakaway basin (map) itself, which is a roundish depression within the centre of the rectangle:–

  • use menu: Water|Water|Basin
  • basin = infiltration

At the other corner opposite to the culvert outlets is a pumping station (map). This is the only item that Severn Trent actually had named (“Mapperley Lime Tree Gardens Pumping Station”):–

Mapperley Lime Tree Gardens Pumping Station

I’m unsure on this one, too. It is a rectangle of concrete surrounded by a 2m metal fence. That was easy to map. Then it has water-pumping equipment inside. Do I map that separate or together? In the end, I combined both sets of mapping. The works are designed to pump excess water out of the basin and into the nearby ditch.

  • use menu: Highway|Barriers|Fence
  • use menu: Man Made|Man Made|Water Works

The final items are a hedge + a ditch + an outfall pipe (map) within the ditch (using essentially the identical mapping for the culvert as above):–

Lime Tree Gardens pump outlet


I’ve made some small changes following the comment from lakedistrict:– the pumpingstation has been changed from man_made=water works to man_made=pumping_station + substance=wastewater. That does not form part of the JOSM menu system, but does fit better to this situation and is documented within the wiki.

Location: Gedling, Carlton, Gedling, Nottinghamshire, England, NG4 4BH, United Kingdom

Comment from lakedistrict on 13 March 2019 at 17:42

It’s always interesting to find something like this which needs a bit of extra knowledge to be able to map it correctly.

You could use man_made=pumping_station for the pumping station (I think waterworks is more for water treatment places).

Comment from andy mackey on 15 March 2019 at 09:18

Hi Alex Thank you for more interesting posts. I have mapped some similar holes. They are very common in Cambridgeshire, most new build developments that cover much area have then. I believe even single houses must have soakaways, to attenuate downpours that can overwhelm drains and waterways then flood property. As a child in the 1950s we encountered “swamps” that were just bits of flooded fields that rarely dried up, I suppose it was natures way of coping with droughts. Draining fields and fast run off in developed areas as caused flood problems on it’s way to the sea which as brought about the need to manage heavy rains or fast thaws. The larger flood alleviation or attenuation basins ( which were tags i was advised to use) have, or will become lovely mini natural havens for wildlife and hopefully stay as such, I really like them. They work best, in my opinion, if they a gently sloping depression as the deeper, steeper ones “must?” have high people proof fences which is unfortunate. Happy Mapping Andy

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