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Posted by alexkemp on 11 March 2019 in English (English)

One of the keys to using JOSM is to teach yourself to use the keyboard at the same time as you use the mouse. Once you have a small selection of keyboard shortcuts in your head things will go much quicker. kbd shortcuts

BuildingsTools plugin (Wiki)
Terracer plugin (Wiki)

2 mins tutorial: Drawing Buildings in JOSM
(from the HOT team; a little old, but still accurate)

Most of my time post-survey is spent mapping houses & roads - it is rare that a road is not already mapped, though naturally they always need checking and sometimes correcting. In contrast, it is rare in the areas that I survey that any houses are mapped at all.

Startup Sequence

Here is an account of my current startup sequence after launching JOSM from *menu | Education | JOSM (latest snapshot):–

  1. Items ready before JOSM launch:–
    → File directory with tracker contents
        (here ~/osmtracker/2017-05-28_10-53-09/)
    → GPX file (a GPS ‘breadcrumbs’ file of locations during the survey)
    → JPG files (GPS-located photos of street- & road-signs, housenames, etc.)
    → 3GPP files (GPS-located sound files)
    → .osm file (JOSM desktop saved from previous session)
  2. launch JOSM
  3. press alt-shift-D to switch continuousDownload OFF
  4. ctrl-O to load 2019-03-10.osm
    (desktop save from earlier session)
  5. press ctrl+U to update all data from the server
  6. File | Open Recent ⏵| 2017-05-28_10-53-09.gpx
    (the area covered on the screen is now huge, so press ‘+’ & ctrl+arrow-keys to navigate back to Axmouth Drive (last edit position))
  7. press alt-shift-D to switch continuousDownload back ON
  8. load menu: | Imagery | Esri World
    (it’s the best of a bad bunch)
  9. load menu: | Imagery | Postcode
    (needs to be last else it gets lost)
  10. load menu: | Windows | Mapillary image
    (it should already have a ☑, so press shift+comma)
Location: Arnold and Carlton, Gedling, Nottinghamshire, East Midlands, England, United Kingdom

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