Update to OSM Promotional Leaflets due to Padding errors

Posted by alexkemp on 31 January 2019 in English (English)

This is a small update to a sequence of posts on updating some small leaflets originally produced by Andy Allan:–

  1. Fonts missing from OSM Promotional Leaflets
  2. Github HowTo: Clone Repository then make a Pull Request
  3. Printing OSM Promotional Leaflets
  4. Update to OSM Promotional Leaflets due to Padding errors
  5. Adding a Preview JPG + crop-marks for printing

OSM flyers

Diary website 500 errors

Yesterday & earlier today this website was producing a HTTP 500 errors (server error, explicitly reported as an error in communicating with a 3rd-party server). It occurred as I attempted to update my post on Printing OSM Promotional Leaflets. I sent an email to the Server folks.

A few minutes ago I succeeded in updating that post but again noticed occasional problems, which appeared to be connected with the Markdown used on this site. is also sometimes very slow in loading a page.

Those paragraphs above were a quick heads-up for others that may be attempting to post on this site. Now back to the OSM Promotional Leaflets…

Update to OSM Promotional Leaflets due to Padding errors

Yesterday I should have reached the end of this little series of posts as the updated leaflets were printed & successfully delivered to my next-door-but-one neighbour. However, looking at them closely I realised that the padding was bad in places. In other words, a bit of a Curate’s Egg.
good in parts Right Reverend Host: “I’m afraid you’ve got a bad Egg, Mr Jones!”;
The Curate: “Oh no, my Lord, I assure you! Parts of it are excellent!”

GitHub Changes

I spent a few hours making a comprehensive fix, then uploaded those changes to GitHub. I’ve changed the GitHub layout to try to make it easy to spot the original (now out-of-date) SVG files within a Inkscape-r9886 directory, whilst the updated files are within a Inkscape-r15371 directory. The pre-prepared PDF file for printing (‘osmflyer.pdf’, a combo-pdf of both top & bottom parts of the leaflet) is within the top-level directory.

Within the Inkscape-r15371 directory, I have completely re-done the Guides for each SVG (by default, visibility for Guides is switched OFF so, until I looked, I did not know that Andy had included any). Each Guide now contains an explanatory label. They are:–

  1. 4 x Guides at page-edges (Page top, bottom, left & right)
  2. 4 x Guides at page-edge-padding (4mm Padding top, bottom, left & right)
  3. 3 x Guides at each fold (Fold centre, left & right
  4. 6 x Guides at each fold-padding (4mm Padding at left-fold-left & right, centre-fold-left & right + right-fold-left & right

Complicated to explain in words, easy to understand when viewed inside Inkscape.

Once I had got all the Guides in place it was relatively easy (if immensely fiddly, and especially on the reverse side) to re-position and/or shrink content within the Guides rather than spilling over towards the page-edges.

Update Feb 1

Having just added info on the SVG Guides (above), and having loaded Inkscape-r15371/osmflyer1.svg to refresh my mind, I could not stop myself making some little improvements to the text layout between the Guides & re-uploading all changes.

If/when I use up all the current leaflets & get some more then I shall fix the already-out-of-date photos.

Location: Thorneywood, Sneinton, City of Nottingham, East Midlands, England, NG3 2PB, United Kingdom

Comment from annamalinowska1 on 1 February 2019 at 07:12

Hm. I dont use paper map but I have that one when my phone or gps have low battery.

Comment from zarl on 1 February 2019 at 10:11

I had a quick look at the PDFs (when it was too late to stop you from ordering) and already suspected a problem with the resulting prints.

With a PDF/X prepared for print (i.e. not using an office printing machine but professional offset or digital print) the concept of MediaBox (whole document), TrimBox ( and in this case the BleedBox (see ) needs to be taken notice of. Still these are not correctly defined.

Also for print your the contents in your document which hit the edge need to actually extend about 2 or 3 mm around the border of the doc to allow for cutting.

As I’m used to QuarkXpress, InDesign and Illustrator I’ll need to dive into Inkscape and Scribus to come up with a better workflow (and / or a template) for this project.

Comment from alexkemp on 1 February 2019 at 11:32

Hi @zarl

Inkscape has an option during the Save As…(PDF) process to add bleed to the PDF. It also auto-saves the PDF in PDF/X, adding font glyphs to the PDF. There also appears to be options to add a colour-profile, though I never explored that.

I think that the padding issues came about due to a combo of:

  1. The change from 90dpi to 96dpi in SVG standards
  2. An error on either my and/or Inkscape’s part during the update
  3. Ignorance on my part to spot the possible error, and mistaking the effects of bleed (which is actually margin) for padding.

The bottom line is that the printer I used was able to use the PDF to produce a print accurate to the drawing.

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