Streams & Trees in Gedling, Notts

Posted by alexkemp on 19 March 2017 in English (English)

Mapping in Gedling on Saturday 18 March in foul weather (it was raining hard; goodness me, could this be England by any chance?) (well, yes). My new smartphone turned out to NOT be as England-proof as my ISODRY-10000 jacket, but that's another story.

There were one or two pleasant scenes & I thought to share them with you.

Right at the start of the track was an un-named recreation garden on Burton Road. It contained some yew trees (at the right) which sometimes is a sign of a former religious establishment in England. A neighbour said that there used to be a “big house, with stables” at the rear, but had no other information.

gardens, burton road gedling

Our second view is classic for a country house, except that it is within the suburbs, hidden away at the bottom of an unadopted road. However, the location does feature yew trees & willow hanging over the Ouse Dyke (not the prettiest name, but clearly the reason that Gedling & it's 678 A.D. church were established here in the first place) (the current church is 1089 A.D., but there were earlier versions):–

willow over ouse dyke on burton close

The next view seems a world away from the previous one but is actually very close, simply on the other side of the dyke. The one building in view is on the other bank of the dyke from Brooklands Drive, which is immediately behind me as I shot this photo.

Ouse Dyke bank, Brooklands Drive, gedling

I had a problem mapping that small section of land. First of all I was going to use:–

Bare lower lying uncultivated land with bushes but little or no tree cover

...but that doesn't fit. The trouble is that there is nothing within ‘Geography|Land Use’ that fits. In the end I used this:–

Woodland where timber production does not dominate use

...which is about as close as I can get, I think, even though it is council-cultivated land rather than ‘natural’.

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Location: Gedling, Nottinghamshire, East Midlands, England, NG4 4BH, United Kingdom

Comment from andy mackey on 20 March 2017 at 23:30

You may have seen these old maps, they may be of interest to you.,0

Comment from alexkemp on 20 March 2017 at 23:49

Thanks, @Andy.

I believe that that map is the one that caused (whoever) to put the name for Gedling at completely the wrong place.

Will you use your contacts to get that first poster deleted, please? (spam).

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