Spring Shows It’s Face Early in Nottingham

Posted by alexkemp on 15 March 2017 in English (English)

We are fast approaching the Equinox (Lord Google tells me that it will be on Monday, 20 March at 10:28 UTC this year). Here is a splendid photo taken a week early of some St Anns’ municipal grass with Spring flowers, taken from St Anns Well Road looking North-Eastwards on Monday 13 March (and yes, England really is as green as that in Spring):–

English Spring in Nottingham

St Anns used to be known as The Clay Fields before it's enclosure & development in the 1860s, 70s & 80s. Under the road pictured is a culvert carrying spring-water from the St Anns Well. That well was a medieval place of pilgrimage for Kings & others, but was destroyed in 1889 when the Nottingham Suburban Railway (NSR) was built. A photo from last year, showing the remains of the bridge pillar that killed the Well (together with some of the story of the NSR) is at the bottom of my 3rd Diary post.

In the 1960s the same road was the busiest shopping street in Nottingham. A very large part of the St Anns’ housing was shoddy and was due for demolition & renewal (enacted in the 1970s). The council wanted to create a new shopping centre within the centre of town at the same time, so took the opportunity to destroy, but not replace, all of those St Anns’ shops as to remove all competition for their new baby. In this way, Nottingham councillors destroyed the livelihood of hundreds of local traders in order to enrich a handful of national companies and — in my view — maintain their own prestige. You are actually looking at a scene of historic carnage.

Location: Lace Market, St Ann's, Nottingham, East Midlands, England, NG1 1LJ, United Kingdom

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