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New MapRoulette beta 10 months ago

Wow this is great. Lots of improved usability. Finding challenges was always hard in the old version.

I also really like the nearby vs random feature. I much prefer working through an area, and not suddenly jumping across a country between tasks is nice.

bus stops over 1 year ago

I have some interest in mapping bus stops and have spent far too much time reading all the various wiki pages and proposals and getting quite confused by what the right approach would be. I’ve settled on just using highway=bus_stop, as I don’t see the value in any of the extra tagging. (Who’s going to use the stop_position for anything?) I’d love to see the wiki much clearer about various levels of transit mapping and to be more clear about the current state of affairs.

Daily MAPS.ME data updates almost 3 years ago

This is great! I’ve been hoping your map update speed would increase. Is there any way the Maps.Me application can get updated to allow opening these .mwm files on iOS. Rather than having to add new map files through iTunes, it would be nicer to download the file on the device and then open with Maps.Me to insert it.

Daily diffs in the future would of course be great too.