A little posting from co. Claire ireland and Princeton, BC

Posted by acrosscanadatrails on 23 July 2008 in English (English)

I posted these few tracks. . I noticed that gort isnt that well covered, nore is the route i took to avoid the busier road. .. And princeton, BC itsnt that well covered. Thanks to the posters who replied to my lasty comment. I'll somewhere along the line, go alread and draw lines highway=road where i think i remember that a road should be there.

A note for self and others:

Im using Kosmos. .. it's super Awesome! thanks for creating that.. and as its open source thanks to all who is contributing. ..
I noticed that all the roads which aare tagged 'highway=road' and nothing else, dont get shown up using Kosmos. .. as Kosmos then is even more super awsome, as its the place you can go to, so to print of nice tourist maps, or other maps for any reason, and make it look cool. ...

I dont plan on using it for any street editing, (i dont think its made for that) thats why we use JOSM or PotLatch.. so it can be done in real-time.

Happy Travels,
(ps. the map is for Gort area.. as i already pointed to princeton area before.

Location: Ballyhugh, Gort Electoral Division, Loughrea Municipal District, County Galway, Connacht, Ireland

Comment from kenguest on 23 July 2008 at 09:26

Sorry but I can't help myself: Gort is actually in county Galway - and there's no 'i' in the english name for an Clár. I hope you enjoyed your time over here!

Comment from acrosscanadatrails on 24 July 2008 at 18:55

(Unfortunately i dont know Gaelic)
An open thought = Wondering if it is or should be International OSM standard to list on the attributes of the point where it shows the name of the the area, all the different spellings of the name from different languages. .. this way, it gets all directed to the same point on the map.?

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