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How to find Missing Roads in OSM with GPS data about 5 years ago

Nice! What kinds of cars use Scout mainly? In my area, most of the roads it detects are dirt tracks, which seems kind of strange.

A few minor suggestions about the webmap:

  • It would be nice if the web map would remember the map location (in the URL hash), so that reloading would take you back to the same map location.
  • The heatmap dots are too big at low zoom (whole world) levels, which makes it hard to see the map.
  • Clicking on the dots should zoom in to that spot.
Editing North Kansas City about 5 years ago

Great work! Can you please make sure to use Good changeset comments so that other mappers can understand what changes have occurred? Thanks!

Back to Chiapas backcountry. over 5 years ago

No, that data is also copyrighted. Is there any government agency that provides public domain data, or any physical markers of the towns?