SotM Baltics 2013 is not over yet!

Posted by Zverik on 20 August 2013 in English (English)

While participants are already home and preparing for State of the Map in Birmingham, organizers of SotM Baltics 2013 are still working, so the conference website doesn't get old and obsolete. We made a special page with links to all media mentions, photos and blog posts on SotM Baltics. If you blogged about it or forgot to publish some photos, now is the time.

We have our channel on Vimeo where new video recordings of talks are published daily. They are announced in the twitter and added to the schedule along with slides. At this rate you will manage to watch most of videos before the main SotM.

It's hard to make recommendations, because you would surely skip talks not mentioned, but if you have time only for one video, do watch "Jokes about Estonians", which will be published on Friday. It's not related to OSM, but we are glad it found a way into our schedule.

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