SotM Baltics 2013: the last day to submit your presentation

Posted by Zverik on 7 July 2013 in English (English)

SotM Baltics 2013

Between two grand conferences, states of the maps, there is a smaller one, just a bit more that a meeting of mappers, although from several countries. Hosted in Tartu this year, SotM Baltics will not only allow you to test and perfect your presentation for the main State of the Map event, but also get aquainted with mappers and OpenStreetMap users from "distant" countries like Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Russia. During two days of the conference you'll see the interior of the biggest university in Estonia, enjoy a summer city with all signs written in a strange language, and have a couple of fun events to attend while you are discussing the imminent fall of OSM with other community members.

So, this leads me to an announcement that today is the last day of the call for presentations! I know I should have been spamming all of you the whole week, like other conference organizers did. But still, you have the whole day to think up a title, it's not like we're requesting anyone to submit the whole presentation. There will be a lot less pressure on the stage compared to hundred-persons halls of bigger SotMs, so this is a prefect opportunity to get heard and discuss important topics with mappers who aren't as active in mailing lists.

State of the Map Baltics 2013 will be held on 3-4 of August in Tartu, Estonia.

Location: Kesklinn, Tartu linn, Tartu, Tartu linn, Tartu maakond, Estonia

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