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open 4021205 Yury Yatsynovich

no right turn to the parking

open 4003290 Yury Yatsynovich

parking with 3 roofs with solar panels

closed 3992455 Yury Yatsynovich

check this intersection on newer (after 11/2023) satellite images -- when I was driving there on 11/18/2023, it looked like the intersection had been re-constructed with a different shape

open 3325042 Yury Yatsynovich

check the direction of one-way

open 3935515 Yury Yatsynovich

Correct the name -- should use "i"

closed 3831221 Yury Yatsynovich

6 spots 3 charging stations

closed 3811622 Yury Yatsynovich

4 EV chargers

closed 2203450 Yury Yatsynovich

stop sign

open 2952712 bikingaround244

Metal sign attached to a wood pole that says “nimrods rock”

closed 3905002 Yury Yatsynovich

building passage

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