San Francisco Address Import (for those who are interested in it)

Posted by Yury Yatsynovich on 25 June 2020 in English (English)


Please, find a link to an archive with my code, inputs and resulting “open_in_JOSM_and_upload.osm”-file below:

Despite the name of the resulting file – “open_in_JOSM_and_upload.osm” – this file has attribute [upload=’never’] which should prevent accidental upload of it. But, just in case, let me make it explicit: THE FILE “open_in_JOSM_and_upload.osm” IS PRODUCED ONLY FOR REVIEW BY OSM COMMUNITY, IT MAY CONTAIN SERIOUS ERRORS, PLEASE, DO NOT UPLOAD IT!

The archive also includes a README .pdf-file that describes in simple language my approach to matching address points with OSM buildings.

The script file, “”, should run in a standalone mode (like “python3”) if you have all required libraries installed, but I ran it step-by-step.

Should you have any questions, I’d be happy to reply. Looking forward to receiving your feedback!

With kind regards, Yury Yatsynovich

Comment from Sanderd17 on 26 June 2020 at 07:03

Just a note, for anyone wanting to import anything, the import guidelines should always be met.

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