Mapping of industrial entities

Posted by Yury Yatsynovich on 16 August 2013 in English (English)

Greetings! I was recently thinking about the analysis of geographic location of industrial entities as a direction of economic research. Could you suggest what resources I might use for mapping such entities for your country, %usermane? (location, name and industrial specialization of entities, if available, number of employees would be ideal).

Comment from SK53 on 17 August 2013 at 13:04

Whereas I believe OSM should be a good platform for this type of information we have some way to go in developing robust approaches to capturing it. (In fact my recent stuff on shops and other retail outlets is really about looking at the 'value' chain for creating data for a sub-set of commercial entities). I think the same issues are likely to apply for industrial entities.

Broadly speaking I think the problems are:

  • Marking industrial landuse
  • Identifying firms located in these industrial areas
  • Adding some suitable industry sector information by tagging (e.g., ISIC classes)
  • Ensuring comprehensive coverage (initially for selected areas, broadening these out as the basic issues are better understood).

Although there are many directories containing this type of info, many are copyright and most have huge amounts of cruft in them. Even things like company registrations (if available as Open Data) are likely to have poor encoding of industry sector (no one checks, its just for the statisticians, so there are no serious controls).

One starting point is to look at specific industry sectors which tend to have large, obvioius and well-known industrial or manufacturing plants. Off the top of my head: steel works, car factories, shipbuilding, chemical works, petroleum refineries). It's probably easier to get the OSM community to map one or more of these as a challenge.

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