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Trunk in a funk

I feel I should comment on a disappointment I have with Openstreetmap in general. I think this (and other) “debates” on tagging issues are exhausting and seldom result in definitive decisions that the community abides by. I would like to recommend voting on such things so as to set concrete, unambiguous rules that mappers be required to adhere to.

This issue of trunk vs motorway or trunk vs primary, etc., is just one example. I think that most of us have also have done things such as “Adopt a Highway” where we “watch over” certain areas and certain highways. For example, I have “adopted” US 52 between I-90 and I-94 in Minnesota as one, and this “trunk” discussion is very relevant to it. Recently I “had to” edit many segments of trunk, trunk_link, motorway and motorway_link after another mapper (who shall remain anonymous) had done some very odd edits based on their own understanding of trunk, trunk_link, motorway and motorway_link, which resulted in individual interchanges being composed of a mix of all four road types (motorway, motorway_link, trunk, and trunk_link), which, obviously, looks pretty insane when rendered.

In general, I would like to see all this ambiguities addressed and resolved and communicated well to the OSM mapper community, in the US, and internationally. And yes, I think that differences in some definitions, mainly regarding keys/tags, should exist between different countries, and the community should be educated as to what the differences are so that they do not try to apply rules from their country to another they might be working on.

OpenStreetMap Carto 2.34.0

Schools don’t appear to be rendered properly now. I recently added two schools and instead of seeing what I used to see (with the name of the school), what is rendered is only the addr:housenumber.

Here’s the view I’m talking about. Please note that the building is a separate feature (building = school) from the point representing the school (amenity = school).

The first 30-day challenge: retrospective

I want to “second” what Jedrzej Pelka said. I couldn’t say it any better. It looks like this new contest might eliminate some of the potential “cheating” problems that were in the first contest. I also know I would have gotten a lot more points if I had more quickly gotten my “contest focus” instead of tending to keep editing like I usually do (adding things in the areas I’m working on streets that count for fewer points or even no points at all).

It also isn’t 100% clear to me how you got so many points so quickly, especially when your time is so limited by a full-time job and girlfriend. I don’t have a gf or even a part-time job right now, so I had plenty of time to do edits in the contest. I have to ask about that, bdiscoe. Other than using scripts, which was forbidden according to the contest rules, how could you produce so much in so little time? Sure, keyboard shortcuts would help, but still…that doesn’t seem like it would be enough.