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Continuing new status...

Posted by Xoan Manuel on 2 June 2013 in English (English)

Have completed the Bronx local bus routes and non-revenue turnarounds, where applicable.

As always, I will review the edits to fill in any gaps I may have left and welcome any corrections or edits deemed necessary.

Will continue to find Tri-State area projects on the transport side (e.g. Westchester Bee-Line and Nassau County (i.e. NICE) buses) as available.

My status...

Posted by Xoan Manuel on 20 May 2013 in English (English)

Completed of the Queens and Brooklyn local bus routes and many fill-ins and a couple of error corrections. Bus routes also include non-revenue turnarounds not listed directly on maps as any research would indicate. Please let me know (and/or edit) any obvious errors I may have made.

Will probably review my work and other existing work for accuracy and to reflect any changes since the info was originally entered. Hopefully I didn't screw up too bad.