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Eight things that I've learned while mapping my neighborhood 4 months ago

If you think mapping has been imported from Google, add a comment to the changeset asking about the origin and tell the Data Working Group.

An open letter to OSMF board members concerning problems with OpenStreetMap-Carto 10 months ago

I would agree that governance isn’t a matter that the EWG should be tackling but there may be issues more in the EWG’s remit that are relevant.

Openstreetmap-Carto – Democracy Or anarchy? 10 months ago

Perhaps it would be better for OSM to actively support the development of alternative general purpose map styles (an alternative being the iD option of changing the maintainer to someone more cooperative).

StreetComplete in Ireland: part 2 over 1 year ago

As a British mapper I’ve got into StreetComplete recently and I’ve found it something that I can use when I’m taking walks and also to fill in after tracing buildings from aerial imagery. I’ve come to share your enthusiasm.

My first OSM milestone completed over 1 year ago

Our virtual conference later this week has a talk about searching addresses. You can either watch live or a recording later if the time doesn’t suit you.

State of the States 2020 - Mapping USA Talk almost 2 years ago

What happened in Massachusetts and Maryland?

Vespucci 15.0 over 2 years ago

I wonder if the imagery change could be a bad move. JOSM’s whole imagery subsystem has a whiff of not-invented-here by some core developers; this reveals itself both in some quite unpleasant comments about other programs’ layer indexing but also in a clunky interface that makes it hard to get to non-internationally mainstream imagery when iD just pops up a menu of locally available choices and also renders zoomed-in imagery much more crudely when it does at all.

thesportsdaily almost 3 years ago

Two Canadian spams in a row

Taking advantage of recent school closures about 3 years ago

That is what I routinely do when I add websites displayed on shops, I also try to find the page for the branch.

Joining a Software Development Firm about 3 years ago

s p a m

Some guidance on this year's OSMF AGM resolution votes over 3 years ago

If I have read this correctly vote 8 members are associate members and still have to become normal members in advance under vote 3.

Extremely proud to have fixed out of date land uses (industrial etc.) over 3 years ago

Keep up the good work. Keeping existing mapping up to date and in good shape is a valuable part of OSM.

OSMF Board elections over 3 years ago

Every so often a community takes massive exception to what an online service does, in the last few months this has happened at Wikipedia (English), Stack Exchange, Blizzard and Gitlab. Often there has been a history of complants that wells up until the community hits breaking point.

鹤城服务(叫这妹子真)全套服务啪找一条龙多少在哪有找特殊 almost 4 years ago

You missed this one.

Improving the Behavior of Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) Companies almost 4 years ago

What time of day do they contribute? We may be able to guess their timezone that way.

HTTPS All The Things (https_all_the_things) about 4 years ago

The Slack page linked from the wiki isn’t publicly readable. Do you distinguish between permanent and temporary moves or whether HSTS is set?

#CrimeaІsUkraine #DWG #CrimeaMap #КримЦеУкраїна #ИхТамНет over 4 years ago

Why collective narcissists are so politically volatile

SEO Work Hours over 4 years ago

One way we can crosscheck who is doing this would be to compare the days of edits with local holidays.

public_transport tags don't add any information over 4 years ago

You need to think very long and very carefully whether undiscussed mass edits help your cause. Perhaps you need to think whether you really want to be editing OSM at all right now.

Copying from Google Maps almost 5 years ago

@Rovastar I have very occasionally heard of that happening but even then the best that can be expected of the G-word apart from Haiti is that the contributor is confused about recording provenance and has to be asked to confirm that the mapping comes from a clean source, possibly using a changdset comment.

Of course it is often a good idea to contact the mapper anyway to set them on the right route.