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New road style for the Default map style - the first version 19 days ago

An alternative thought: maybe we’re just trying to squeeze too much into one map and we should have separate styles for roads and land use.

Oxford routes. about 2 months ago

The mailing list it was discussed on previously was a small and low-volume list. It may well have few enough subscribers to risk being an echo chamber. I notice that the English-language Wikipedia lists “Please clear this with WikiProject X first” as an example of the uncollaborative editing that community frowns on.

Reading through mailing list discussions I notice that some of the participants were talking about asking the county council to declassify the road. If the removal of the number is indeed co-opting OSM as part of such a campaign it would set an unwise precedent.

While OSM in many countries has decided that road numbers are perverse as a proxy for importance, we still need to make sure that the highway tag isn’t part of a declassification campaign either.

Police Scotland 4 months ago

Is the police website suitable for featured images?

Tram lines on Riga map 12 months ago

There is currently a rendering bug in the standard layer.

You can still view the tram lines on Mapquest or Öpnvkarte.

Details about my new job about 1 year ago

Give us an S! Give us a P! Give us an A! Give us an M!

Welcome to OpenStreetMap Telangana! about 1 year ago

This is worth submitting to Featured images.

Getting my familiar stations "public_transport" ready about 1 year ago

This could be something very useful. Best of luck and don’t let any idiots get you down. I hope I get the time to do some stuff myself.

CAPTCHA problems in the Wiki about 1 year ago

There appears to be a bug with adding protocol-relative URLs or templates containing them.

High res DigitalGlobe imagery open for tracing through Mapbox Satellite over 1 year ago

Is the bounding area in the imagery index now?

highway=bus_stop - Mappen für den Renderer over 1 year ago

There has been a history of unpleasantness from some opponents of the schema, for instance convincing mappers that their work will be wasted if they follow it. In some cases this may have been because they see this as acceptable collateral for undermining wiki discussions. At least everyone who has commented here is willing to engage.

highway=bus_stop - Mappen für den Renderer over 1 year ago

AndiG88: Yes, absolutely. The internal politics of OSM has poisoned public transport mapping and dissuaded me at least from contributing in the area .It is time to eliminate styles maintained by people not minded to work wither the public transport mappers from the transport mapping ecosystem.

SEO SPAM @ User Diaries & Descriptions over 1 year ago

As we get an amount of spam in Polish is it worth recruiting a Polish speaker?

Sometimes spammers post platitudes as diary comments trying to link back.

Where have all the boundaries gone? over 1 year ago

The change has been withdrawn.

Our wonderful site over 1 year ago

spam x13

Lost city in Darfur over 1 year ago

Your town (Sa’dun on the Russian map) is unlikely to be Gereida because it was an established town when the map was made. The Russian map has a village called Umm Bereida about 10km to the west and Bing imagery there has a pattern of disturbed ground.

Lost city in Darfur over 1 year ago

If it really is Gereida you could try asking Oxfam, the Red Cross or Action Contre la Faim if they can trace someone who worked there or may have done town planning. Maybe someone in HOT already has a contact.

Public transport over 1 year ago

If you want to map public transport well it is best to ignore the transport layer on the map menu because it is not the work of a public transport mapper.

Notes from anonymous users over 1 year ago

I don’t know if it applies here and I certainly don’t want to start any witchhunts but what happens if you think problem mappers are leaving notes?

Stormy Monday almost 2 years ago

Great picture, could be a featured image.

OpenStreetBugs Phase out ... progress almost 2 years ago

Have you tried announcing the change / asking who it is on the