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Observations on Indian Roads 5 months ago

(Sorry, my english is not very advanced 😅)

Hello, in Venezuela we are planning something similar. We are working on a standard road classification that easily adapts to the OSM system. That we can also implement throughout our continent, because we have many similarities with neighboring countries.

The way to classify roads is quite a headache 😅, so we tried to build an easy and summarized standard to make easy tagging roads around the world.

Our proposal is based on completely ignoring the physical characteristics of the road, to give priority to its importance, based on the amount of traffic that runs through it or the amount of population that is forced to travel on that road to go from place A to place B.

OSM Latinamerica proposal

In a very general aspect, our proposal could be summarized as follows:

  • Trunk roads form the national highways network that cross an entire country, connecting its most important cities. These highways themselves must connect with other countries in order to create a continental network that allows crossing a continent as directly and quickly as possible.

  • Every road that leads to a city, must be primary, or trunk depending on how important that city is for the country

  • Every road that leads to a town, must be secondary

  • Every road that leads to a village, must be tertiary

  • Every road that leads to a hamlet, must be unclassified

  • Residential roads are all the streets of a city or town that do not have any restriction to transit through them, and that also have no other high priority.

  • If a 4-lanes dual freeway leads to a hamlet of just 100 people, then cannot have a high priority. Because a village of 100 people is not the same as a town of 150,000 inhabitants.

  • If two roads lead to a town, the road with more traffic will have the highest priority, regardless of the conditions on that road.

  • Roads leading to airports, ports and universities are important to only a small portion of the population, so they should not be a high priority.

One of the problems we are having is that there is a notable difference between urban areas and rural areas, because a tertiary road in a small rural town is not the same as a tertiary road in a big city. We have not been able to find a way to unify both concepts.

Another of our problems is that our country is very geographically diverse. There are amazon-jungle regions where the Highway Tag Africa apply better, and other regions where the standard of the rest of the country does not make sense.