Mapper since:
April 15, 2019

About Me

Hello, my name is Logan McGovern and I’ve contributed to the OSM project since early 2019, both in my free time and professionally. I’m from the United States. I speak English and Português.

My Username

The story that inspired my username: I was participating in a street name survey for Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia. We were traversing the city, collecting information from signs and uploading data to OSM. We had a day off for ourselves, and for a fun activity my coworkers and I visited the KL Bird Park. There, I came across a very angry peacock who decided to chase me without provocation. It was a close call, but I managed to get away from the bird and many jokes were had at my expense. This event is a bit of a legend at the Kaart Colorado office.

Volunteer OpenStreetMap Work

I am a member of the moderation team for the OSMF and OSM talk mailing lists in addition to the community forum. It is my distinct pleasure to be working with the other members of this group and I always enjoy our monthly meetings.


When I can, I volunteer time to various HOT initiatives when possible.


I am a geographer with the Kaart editing team.

I have worked for Kaart for nearly four years. It was when when I applied to Kaart that I discovered OpenStreetMap. I have been in various positions for them since, including in the capacity of assistant manager.

I particularly like my current job, because it allows me to work alongside our international editors, who are from all regions of the world.


Kaart team edits can be found using the #Kaart changeset comment. You may easily track my personal edits and activity with HDYC or see my contribution heat map.

You will see my username very frequently in Mexico and Colombia. I was involved in a past project that added way data in both countries, but with a special emphasis for Mexico. Greece and Cyprus are two countries that I particularly making contributions to.

Ground Survey Locations

In my time with Kaart, I have had the privilege of participating in ground surveys for the following locations across the world:

Brasil - Belém, Curitiba, Florianópolis, Itajaí, Joinville, Vila Velha

Colombia - Santiago de Cali

Malaysia - Johor, Kuala Lumpur

Peru - Lima

Phillipines - Manila, Angeles City


Our team of editors believes that open communication between all editors in the OSM community is essential to improving OSM data. Please feel free to contact me or any other member of the Kaart team should you have any questions or concerns regarding my edits or what we do as an organization.