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#CrimeaІsUkraine #DWG #CrimeaMap #КримЦеУкраїна #ИхТамНет 3 days ago

How many more times are we going to see this copy-pasted diary entry ? Please stop spaming the same message again and again, all the arguments have been given already, more posts will only suceed in irritating readers.

#CrimeaІsUkraine #DWG #CrimeaMap #КримЦеУкраїна #ИхТамНет 12 days ago

@redsteakraw there's really no need to rub in more violence. The law of the strongest stems from a different era, and always comes biting you in the end.

@velmyshanovnyi sorry but you're complaining at the wrong place. There's nothing illegal in OSM depicting the de-facto borders rather than the borders as recognised by the UN or UK (or some other fancyfull fictional border for that matter). Only diplomacy and millitary can change the situation.

#CrimeaІsUkraine #DWG #CrimeaMap #КримЦеУкраїна #ИхТамНет 13 days ago

As sympathetic as I am to the idea that the Crimea annexation was illegitimate, should have been prevented, and should be reverted, please give the DWG and OSM in general a rest, as it's only following the directive dated from 2013 that represents the consensus from the OSM community. If anything, the most recent DWG decision just restores normality in OSM's handling of disputed territories, by cancelling the temporary exception for Crimea that was in place (for many good reasons basically boiling down to "this is too new and controvertial, let's do nothing until the dust settles a bit").

If you want things to change (appart from Ukraine actually regaining control of Crimea), it's the disputed territories directive that you need to challenge, not the DWG's implementation of it. Propose changes to it and see if those can gain wide support. Note that this document is about all territory disputes in the world, nothing specific to Crimea or anywhere else. The current policy tries very hard to be impartial, objective, and apolitical; this leads very naturally to the "on the ground control" rule, which you apparently want to ignore in Crimea's case. It's always easyer to agree to a general policy when you're not affected by it.

While we're at it, I'm surprised to read so much backlash at OSM, but nothing at (for example) Google maps, which has displayed Crimea as part of Russia much earlyer than OSM. Yes, I know this depends on the viewer's IP address, but these IP-guided non-decisions (GM does that in other parts of the world) have always seemed worse to me than OSM's pragmatic objectivity stance.

#An accomplished set target to beat UMT queen, Valerie143 with a total edit above hers#uniquemappersteam# 2 months ago

Don't get too taken up by leaderboards. They're fun, but if you're "mapping for the leaderbord" your mapping quality is likely to lower, because you're optimizing for that leaderboard's metrics (typically number of objects edited) instead of map quality and maintainability (which often involves limiting the number of objects).

I'm not saying that you actually fell into that trap (I didn't check), but I see a high risk of it when I read this diary.

Also, please put individual comments in your chanesets to briefly describe what you did. Changeset comments are human reviewers first, stats collection second (if at all).

Welcome to OpenStreetMap! 8 months ago

These are obviously exagerated quotes, so what are the real ones ? And how common is the problem ?

Building an inclusive map - OSM and gender discussion 9 months ago

Don't conflate the sometimes-problematic tone of OSM discussion with the issue of gender and minorities inclusion. They are both real problems but they are orthogonal (men can also be put off by a toxic discussion and women are also able to make a discussion toxic). Try to solve both problems as one and you risk solving only one of the problems.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 11 months ago

Sigh... He should know that Mew2 can only be caught at exclusive raids, not in the wild :p

PoGo Initiative: entry 2 xD about 1 year ago

BTW, regarding the "disconnect between in-game and real world" you mentioned last time, I feel that disconnect is bigger when the buildings are mapped, because your avatar is way too big compared to the houses. The avatar scale never bothered me when I could only see the streets because GM only has a handful of buildings here, whereas OSM has all of them. Don't let that stop you from tracing buildings :)

PoGo Initiative: entry 2 xD about 1 year ago

Most imagery needs to be aligned. Bing is pretty good to begin with but it's better to check, especially in mountainous area. See and .

One of the best reference data to align imagery on is GPS tracks on road, if you have enough of them (when it's no longer easy to distinguish individual tracks). You can download OSM GPS track using your editor, or you can use the strava imagery layers, which present aggregated track data.

Pokemon Go made me start editing OSM about 1 year ago

It seems that the current version of OSM data used by Niantic is a few months old. I guess they'll only update "every now and then when they feel a need" rather than regularly, as that seemed to be their update pattern with OSM data used for nests. Maybe the PoGo community can incite them to update more frequently/regularly.

Regarding the "win some lose some", it's always the same when going from one map provider to another. For me (Ireland) the switch to OSM is a great upgrade, and I'd say most regions of the world will either find OSM better or equivalent to GM, except in North America where GM still has better data (I'm talking about the broad picture; zoom in and you'll see exceptions either way).

That blade of grass is coming back to haunt us. over 1 year ago

One of the main goal of most renderings is to look lovely, so it'd be reason enough. Plus it's actually useful to know what kind of sport is played on a particular field.

Concerning the OP, see this help.o.o question for a previous discussion about it. I'm still of the opinion that we shouldn't map pitch lines, but this is apparently not unanimous.

One thing that commenters agreed on is that barrier=line is the wrong way to go. You should tell the contributor to find a better scheme. Maybe also him the french and german rendering styles, as well as this issue for the default style, it might satisfy his wish without bloating the db.

OSM x GM's "glitch" over 1 year ago

The Rio de Janeiro favelas should be good candidates for a resident-led slum mapping, like happened in Kibera. I wonder if there are big OSM contributors living in Rio who could mentor this.

Possibly importing USGS forest data over 1 year ago

The most common way to convert pixel values to a shape (the term 'contour lines' is usually associated with relief) is to use a "lakewalker" algorithm (surely not the proper COMP-SCI term, I'm just using the name of a JOSM plugin here). You can use other tools, but that one should work relatively well.

Go ahead and try it actually: install the scanaerial JOSM plugin and use it on one of the dataset's imagery. You'll get a feel of how well it works. Don't upload your work unless you have checked that the license is OK. Now think about doing this automatically at a larger scale, and about conflating this new natural=wood with any existing osm data.

My guess is that doing this automatically (as an import) will look much less appealing to you after this experiment. But using the dataset as a source to manually run scanaerial on might still be a time-saver. Sometimes, you're better off doing it manually than algorithmicaly. Your call.

Concerning the Bing vs Landsat argument, consider the fact that Mapbox updates its landsat source (wherever no highres imagery is available) automatically, and is going to be much better than a 2010 non-averaged snapshot used by that dataset.

Possibly importing USGS forest data over 1 year ago

In my experience, import of landcover data is near-impossible to get right.

For example the Corine data was imported in France, and the amount of post-import work to disentangle the result and conflate with pre-existing data is still ongoing. It would probably have been faster to do everything ourselves via satellite imagery. In Ireland we did all the pre-import work, evaluated it, and concluded that it would do more harm than good.

This dataset doesn't look much more appealing: it's guaranteed to have both false-positive and false-negatives, it is based on images much older than what's currently available, you'll have to use a lakewalking algorithm to vectorize it (which pretty much always require manual touches afterwards), and only then can you start dealing with the conflation problem (which is a biggie).

IMHO It's a great dataset to use at low zooms, but not for the OSM usecase. Time would be better spent tracing by hand.

The difference between a roundabout and "just a road that goes in a circle" over 1 year ago

I have seen a lot of roundabouts constructed "preemptively" when there isn't yet a 3rd road connected to it. The plan is probably always to have more roads connected to it, but that might be many years away if it happens at all.

Request for open street map of karu nasarawa nigeria over 1 year ago

It's not clear what you're asking for.

Protecting the map against Pokemon Go mappers over 1 year ago

Neither option solves the fundamental problem (improving our anti-vandalism processes and tools). They only ease the pain somewhat for this particular instance of the problem.

But both options fix the wrongness that a hugely successful commercial game is indirectly harming a Free data/software community without any attempt to soften the issue, and maybe even profiting from it without respecting its license.

Note that I've been playing PoGo since August, and mapping on OSM since 2010.

Protecting the map against Pokemon Go mappers over 1 year ago

Sigh... If abuse from PoGo player is continuing to waste OSM contributor time like this, we should really push for some official response from Niantic to the OSM Foundation.

Either PoGo doesn't use OSM at all (in that case Niantic should say so clearly) or it does (in that case Niantic must respect the license by crediting OSM, and should acknowledge the maintenance burden they are causing and help somehow).

In the first case, the abuse will hopefully slow down, and in the second case OSM will get some PR, the respect of not violating its license, and hopefully some resources to deal with the abuse.

Finding dragged nodes almost 2 years ago

Osmose and OSMI both also catch self-intersecting ways and multipolys. Don't think it would catch that particular problem, but they catch many others. Those QA tools will keep you busy.

Rail Crossing Warnings Are Sought for Mapping Apps almost 2 years ago

While OSM has that data (quite complete in my experience), getting OSM-based routing apps to issue a warning is going to take a fair bit of outreach effort (given how many apps would need to add the feature).