Mapleton QLD, Kampong Ayer, Addressing, Brunei Coast

Posted by Unusual User Name on 12 December 2009 in English (English)

Things I've been doing...

Took a holiday to Mapleton and picked up a dozen or more street names in the area.

I declare my Kampong Ayer project complete, except for that I've made contact with a lapsed Brunei mapper in the hope that he might be able to fill in and verify a few things.

Finally finished all the address numbers along my 5 km cycle commute. (Fortunately some of it is through parkland). Time to start making diversions to pick up more.

Found some interesting structures along the Brunei coast, and started tracing the coastline around them. (somebody else had made a start). My changes haven't been rendered yet, but you can see the earlier work.

Comment from bass on 12 December 2009 at 18:41

Great work in Kampong Ayer!

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