Tracing Baiji, Iraq

Posted by Unusual User Name on 19 June 2014 in English (English)

I read in a news item somewhere that the refinery in Baiji had been captured by ISIS. I looked at OSM and the town was only weakly mapped, went to edit and saw that the imagery was fantastic. Awesome tracing bliss!. Then I thought to check my “How did you contribute to Openstreetmap” profile and saw I’d never edited in Iraq before – even better! I came back today, finished some streets in the bottom end of town, went to finish the northern end of town – that’s strange I thought, I don’t remember finishing the north – and discovered someone else had found the little pocket of high res tracing joy as well – they must have seen the same news item! But that’s OK, I don’t mind sharing.

Location: سوق بيجي Suq Baiji, Baiji, Saladin, Iraq

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