South Korean Islands

Posted by Unusual User Name on 28 November 2010 in English (English)

Been amusing myself mapping South Korean islands near the North Korean border.

I was hoping to do Yeonpyeong, where the shelling occurred, but the imagery was too coarse. Not too far east though, are a number of islands with detailed imagery, and almost virgin with respect to mapping.

They're very interesting on the imagery, the sea around the islands is quite shallow and large parts of the islands appear to be reclaimed land. So you have hilly forested areas, villages nestled on the edge of that and large areas of flat fields. I'm guessing rice, but it's possible there is some aquaculture too.

I've just better traced the coastline and put in tracks, farmland, residential areas, the odd water body and school areas based on existing point data.

However, the rendering of my mapping doesn't look that exciting. Of course, the coastlines will take probably a month before they render.

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