UNGSC-Michael Montani

Mapper since: January 02, 2020

Nice to meet you!

I’m Michael Montani, OSM & GIS consultant at United Nations Global Service Centre (UNGSC). I’m the crowdsourcing manager for the activities of the Unite Maps Initiative.

Formerly, I’ve been Co-founder and President of PoliMappers, the first European chapter of YouthMappers. I map since 2016 and it seems I have a MSc in Geoinformatics Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

I have also been awarded of the 2018 YouthMappers Research Fellowship, within which I developed a research project on the usage of OSM data to control an endemic disease in Senegal with crowdsourcing, on-site capacity building and machine learning.

Check also my personal OSM account: Michael Montani!

This user is participating to an organised editing activity called Unite Maps Initiative, run by the United Nations Global Service Center (UNGSC). The organisation and this user care for the OpenStreetMap project, the community’s consensus, mapping practices and guidelines.

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