Created my first HOT Task in response to recent floods in Central Vietnam

Posted by TuanIfan on 2 November 2020 in English (English).

Between 7 October and November 2020, a series of tropical cyclones and seasonal monsoons caused heavy rainfall, floods and landslides in Central Vietnam. About 230 deaths and 53 missing were reported in the national media.

With the help of Russell at HOTOSM, I created this project to contribute map data of the districts where the highest number of deaths occurred. These districts mainly lie in the mountainous part central region and therefore more prone to natural disasters. Although open to Beginner mappers, this is more accurately an intermediate difficulty mapping experience.


Help map flooded areas in Vietnam! Cyclone Molave brought heavy rains, widespread flooding and at least one major landslide to Vietnam.

Comment from lectrician1 on 6 November 2020 at 04:26

This was my first HOT Task too! Now I’m addicted to HOT. It’s so fun. I micromap a bit too much. There are so many little streams and tracks you can map. The rice farmers’ operation is amazing.

Comment from TuanIfan on 6 November 2020 at 04:38

Hi lectrician1,

Glad you join my task! I like micromapping too, as you can see around the town of Khe Sanh–?node=369494918

The farms and lakes are great things to draw I guess, and their colours appear very outstanding on Mapnik. The streams are very challenging though, some are too tiny to trace along. Sometimes I only draw the streams and rivers whose names are available on the Internet. such as : La La Creek at,106.707544. The unnamed ones are aplenty.

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