Lalor station on South Morang Line

Posted by TuanIfan on 5 July 2013 in English (English).

I took a long train to Lalor for a friend’s birthday party. On the way back, I had to wait for 30 mins for the train towards the City, so I looked around the area.

To be said, Lalor is a small station, unstaffed 24/7. It has two platforms in an island format. The main building is made of brick, which hosts a shelter inside. Access to the station is made via a pathway branching from the footpath across the railway line.

I tried to add the lines immediately, however, Go Map!! app has some errors with uploading changes (the app quits when uploading), so I would map it later at home.

Besides the station, I changed many railway tags which show ‘Epping Line’ to ‘South Morang Line’. There fore, the shared rail tracks previously tagged with ‘Epping / Hurstbridge line’ were changed to ‘South Morang / Hurstbridge line’.

  • Got my first group mapping trip with another OSM mapper. We’ll go to Burwood East Reserve between 2PM and 4PM this Sunday to map some roads and features around. As this is my first trip so I don’t really know what should be done in such a trip. If you wanna join us or wish to discuss about this activity, contact me via the OSM inbox messaging, or send me an SMS (My phone number can be found in my profile).

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