Mapping @Armadale, VIC, 28/6/2013

Posted by TuanIfan on 27 June 2013 in English (English).

Today I surveyed the area around Armadale railway station, VIC, Australia. This includes :

1. Adding POIs :

I went to Armadale station at around 3:30PM, and exited at Platform 4. Then I found that the roads running along the train line did not exist ~ this would be done later.

Then I walked through the Kings Way, and added the shopps around it. After visiting the Arcade, I entered High Street, and walked east towards Cheel Street. Then I followed Cheel St back to the station.

During the journey I added around 20 POIs, most of which are interior designs and furniture shops, which are supported by Pushpin, but still not yet available in OSM page.

Due to the limit of time (I woke up late), the whole area was still not mapped yet. I’ll come back here in a couple of months.

2. Editing roads

Back at home around 10pm, I added two roads (Cheel St and Morey St), plus Kings Way and the Kings Arcade.

A parking lot, probably for commuters’, was drawn as well. As Armadale is one of 3 low-passenger stations between Richmond and Malvern, there are not many spaces in the lot.

3. Editing the train station

The plain lines depicting the 4 platforms were removed, and replaced by areas of the same type instead, and layered with -1 value.

The buildings were drawn as two seperate ones for the building. In addition, the smaller buildings on platforms 1 and 4 were drawn as well.

The footpath crossing the main building was drawn as a bridge, because of the fact that it lies above the platforms.

** NEXT Survey : **

Surrey Hills, VIC + Time : TBC + Add POIs for the commercial area along Union Road and Canterbury Road.

You’re welcomed to JOIN me and be my co-surveyor, esp. at weekends (Sat & Sun). Just let me know via SMS or message.


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