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Korrektur der Eichstätter Wanderwege

Hallo, das können wir sicherlich machen. Wir sind immer froh über offizielle Quellen/Daten.

Die 1. Frage die hier (leider) immer zu stellen ist: Unter welche Lizenz sind die Daten nutzbar, d.h. kann OSM die Daten unter den OSM-Copyright-Bedingungen nutzen?

Wir könnten dann die “Tourismus Information Eichstätt” in die Liste der Beitragenden/Mitwirkenden aufnehmen.

Mapping railway stations accessibility - part 3

I agree, level= can be useful at any object.

However, the author of StreetsGL suggested that level= is defined for buildings - inside buildings - only.

That’s why he does not render anything where level starts with a ‘-‘, assuming that this is ‘covered’, underground, …

OSM Relatify: OpenStreetMap public transport made easy

Sorry, Bus 271 should not point to ‘localhost’

OSM Relatify: OpenStreetMap public transport made easy

Wow, this is really awesome!

I’ve fixed a bus route within few minutes very easily and the task was quite intuitive. Although collecting the new stops in wrong order, Relatify sorted them correctly, adding stop_position and platform with a single click per location.

Bus 271 needs some re-work due to long-lasting constructions in Deining. Relatify excluded the highway=construction and I was able to complete the route with the detour via Ergertshausen (south-west), Sachsenhausen and Hornstein. I did not upload that yet - have to verify the new stops first, based on MVV’s website (we have permission to use that).

This is much faster than in JOSM.

Thanks for the tool.

OSM Relatify: OpenStreetMap public transport made easy

PTNA Analysis: done, will be visible first for Australia @ 16:35 UTC today, last for Alaska @ 11:05 UTC tomorrow

OSM Relatify: OpenStreetMap public transport made easy

Thanks :)

OSM Relatify: OpenStreetMap public transport made easy

Holger from OpenTransportMeetup just pointed me to that

and that you’re going to add code for the load=1 …

and that you’re going to present this there on 2023-07-26 (don’t know yet whether I can make it on that day).

OSM Relatify: OpenStreetMap public transport made easy

Hey, that’s great.

How can I directly link to a relation?

I consider adding a link per relation in PTNA

Like the links to iD, JOSM and PTNA in the 3rd column

Recursos para la creación de líneas de bus en la CAM

Do you know PTNA which does QA, in Spain currently “only” for Zaragoza?

It can easily be extended for other areas/cities as well.


Es empfiehlt sich daher, auch auf die Access-Tags zurückzugreifen.

Die access-tags von OSM sind generisch und weltweit sowie langfristig gültig.

Welche Anwendung mag sich schon mit traffic_sign=DE:xyz, identisch zu traffic_sign=FR:asd identisch zu traffic_sign=US:ghj rumschlagen.

Adding Shapefile of National Cycling Routes in Germany

Ähm, sorry I forgot the say: “Thanks for the offer!” I think we will find a way to make use of it.

Adding Shapefile of National Cycling Routes in Germany

Unfortunately, “Data license Germany – attribution – version 2.0” seems to me not being compatible with OSM.

We cannot place the source of every contribution/data on every derived OSM map. OSM is primarily a Data Base. Rendering maps using the data is a second, independent step which can be performed by anyone (also outside the OSM ecosystem, commercial purpose).

What we can do is, putting a note on our “Contributors page”.

I would like to ask you:

  1. for a “go”, i.e. it is OK to put the “attribution” only on the “Contributors page” - if possible

  2. to discuss this in a wider audience, the German forum


If you’d like to add more public transport route, kindly have a look at the (currently valid and approved) Public Transport schema (so called: version 2 = “PTv2”)

There are some PT QA tools out there

Information about network:route:bus:type custom tag. (deprecated)

What about using route:category with values normal, intercity, metro, express, suburban, …

OverpassQL for downloading bus roads and bus stops data into JOSM

Sorry, wrong URL, typo

OverpassQL for downloading bus roads and bus stops data into JOSM

Maybe you want to check the bus route relations using PTNA - Public Transport Network Analysis?

Check it out:

I can add support for your area within few minutes.

Wanderung mit Ziegen

Ansonsten: heute Abend 20:00 ist OSM-Stammtisch Stuttgart - online

Jede(r) ist willkommen, Themen nicht vorgegeben, …

Wanderung mit Ziegen

Versuche es mal mit Brouter

Der ist am flexibelsten, man kann

  • no-go-Areas einzeichnen
  • selber via’-Punkte definieren
  • selber das Profil (meide Straße, vom Typ x, bevorzuge Feldwege, …) anpassen
Removing private trail from map

My hope is that no one will use that non-trail.

Fire Fighters, Police, Rescue, Amazon Logistics, UPS, Post, … may want to use this trail if it leads to a house, …

Adding access=private is the right way

Mapping out bus routes in Anchorage

Public Transport in OSM is in fact not easy to map.

The older (legacy) version, also called PTv1 (public_transport:version=1), allows mapping a bus route with a single relation - same technique as with hiking, cycling, skiing, mtb, … routes - but adding bus stops/platforms. As such, PTv1 routes are OK for “painting a red line on a map”, but not really more than that.

The newer one, called PTv2, is more complex and complicated - yes. But it allows data consumers other than map-painters making use of structured data. PTNA focuses on PTv2 relations. PTv2 has a lot of ‘optional’ and ‘recommended’ but only few ‘madatory’ features/tags. To be honest: map as many optional/recommended features/tags as possible.

Regarding PTNA and adding a new ‘network’ or other areas: the easiest way for you is to “give me ring” via mail with some details. It’s then more or less a matter of copy&paste (for me).

The alternative is to do it on your own in GitHub:

1.) for the new ‘network’ to be analyzed:

2.) for the web page:

But there are only 1 or 2 mappers (< 10 ‘network’) doing it this way.