Thomas Jarvis

Mapper since:
March 07, 2017

Fairly active mapper in Sussex and Lincolnshire. A total road geek, love driving and love cycling (I have to hate myself I know). Have 10s of TB of dashcam and helmet cam footage to build up information on roads (thank you Garmin Plus subscription allowing me to notabuse “unlimited upload” for £50/year). I have a few ongoing projects at the moment. Initially I have been micro mapping the SRN in the south east (completed A23, M23 & nearly half of the M25), however I have no shifted my focus onto satnav & routing improvements in Sussex. I am aiming to micro map all of the A roads in Sussex starting with the SRN, then PRN. This includes lanes, turning lanes, destination lanes, surface, sidewalk & speed limit along with destination_sign relations along with some roadside furniture such as vehicle restraint systems (i.e. crash barriers).