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Updates on mapping and possible solutions over 2 years ago

I thank you updates on various roads in Dasmariñas (Aguinaldo Highway/Route 419, Paliparan Road, Governors Drive/Route 65), where you added splits on segments of roads with center islands added by the LGU, but there is something wrong with your mapping that required to be fixed. You added splits on those roads, but in a braid-like style that can cause bad navigation directions. I have GOwin tagged your added road splits with notes for fixing. Thanks.

Bayanihan Mapping Workshop in Batangas City almost 3 years ago

Though not a native of Batangas City (but will become a resident of it in the future), Batangas City is already something stuck in my mind, and I’ll never stop mapping that city that I loved very much, just to keep everything up to date. Since I became I OSM user, I started all the efforts to make Batangas City’s map great, starting with its overhaul between 2015 and 2016, which created everything that made up the current map.

And, thanks for the mapping efforts, which also emphasized ground survey and local knowledge. The city’s map already looks great since my efforts to create the present detailed map since I am a newbie, plus the Project NOAH and Batangas City LGU mapping efforts that further gave more detail, as well as my own efforts. Great job done! Hope more mapping events like that may be held, especially on this city.

New developments in Batangas City over 3 years ago

New Mapbox imagery has been released for Batangas City, that includes most developments in the area. Only problem is the offset. To trace the imagery, it must be slightly adjusted using existing GPX tracks uploaded to OSM.

Strange routing? over 4 years ago

See this changeset.

Strange routing? over 4 years ago

This issue is likely to do with speed limits. Susana Heights Road has complete lane count but no speed limit. Governor’s Drive and General Malvar Street has complete lane count, but they also need an approximate speed limit.

I found an issue that likely caused that “strange”routing, and it is a one-way segment that has not been changed to two-way. That is likely causing routers to take Alabang Exit instead of Susana Heights/MCX Exit. I fixed it in JOSM, along with addition of approximate speed limits in Governor’s Drive and General Malvar Street (from Carmona-Binan boundary to National Highway only). I’ll make some follow-up fixing on National Highway north of Binan, which include addition of approximate speed limit (there are no traffic signs to look up at that highway).

Thanks for feedback to my issue.

Mapping private subdivision roads and other gated roads over 4 years ago

Also, tagging things here in OpenStreetMap may be localized. But, clarifying things would be better. A barrier tagged with access=private will not allow traffic to pass through on some routers, but not all may understand it. It is correct to have the access included on the roads, so I do.

Additionally, the “Private” tag will apply to a road owned by a private individual and access is restricted to those with access to their property.

Mapping private subdivision roads and other gated roads over 4 years ago

“Permissive” means through traffic allowed through the gate (barrier), either with or without a fee.

“Destination” is already clearly defined, and it means local traffic only (not to be used for through routing).

Batangas City: Big changes over 4 years ago

Thanks to both of you.

I am possibly going back to Batangas City for the Feast of Santo Nino, but plans are still not sure. I am able to add street names on Duluhan, Cuta, and also on Malitam Island, but some areas other than those mentioned still lack correct street names. Hope that you may help on that.