New developments in Batangas City

Posted by TagaSanPedroAko on 27 April 2017 in English (English). Last updated on 6 May 2017.

Since starting mapping in 2015, Batangas City is still developing, and many newer developments have come. Much of the new developments are occurring along Diversion Road and the Batangas Port area. Subdivisions are growing into the suburban and rural barangays. Two new power plants have opened. But, current imagery used for mapping creates a problem to map these new developments. Though Bing announced imagery updates this 2017, it will be a long wait.

Developments to be mapped is shown below, along with description, notes, and status.

  • Batangas Health Specialists Medical Center (involved also relocation of some NGCP 69 kV lines due to construction work on part of right-of-way of those subtransmission lines. Polygon and building now mapped, but not the 69 kV line relocation.)
  • Batangas City Grand Terminal expansion (adding commercial areas and covered bus terminal. Traffic rerouting mapped, but not the new developments)
  • new car dealers along Diversion Road (Suzuki Batangas City, Isuzu Batangas City, Hino Batangas City. Now added)
  • San Gabriel and Avion power plants (opened 2016. Still unmapped, while new Mapbox images can be used now.)
  • NGCP Batangas Substation (addition of two 150 MVA transformers and 69 kV switchgear to accommodate Meralco’s Mahabang Parang - Batangas City 69 kV subtransmission lines and 69 kV power supply for JG Summit in 2015, and relocation of some 69 kV lines in 2017, that replaced some tap connections with connection to a new 69 kV bus in the substation in 2017. Transformer additions, including new bay, are mapped, but not the new switchgear, due to lack of usable imagery from Bing. Mapbox now has coverage? 69 kV line relocation still not mapped, while this can be mapped without using any aerial imagery.)
  • Camella Solamente (started 2015. May appear on new Mapbox imagery for Batangas City.)
  • Monte Maria Batangas (opening of chapel below statue of the Virgin Mary. Building below the statue already mapped, along with realignment of surrounding road, adding of Meralco 13.2 kV distribution line and restaurant. Needs further update).
  • Batangas Port expansion (started 2015/16 and ongoing. Only a few warehouse buildings mapped, but expansion area is mapped)
  • SM City Batangas (new side entrance, hallway shops, and restaurants, and relocation of some shops and SM Supermarket. Partially mapped.)

As these developments go around the clock, these are to be placed in priority. Barangay mapping, further land use, woodland and farm mapping, and other local updates, especially around Poblacion, Cuta, Pallocan West, Kumintang Ibaba, Kumintang Ilaya, and Alangilan, are also to be added to the mapping priority list for Batangas City.

Comment from TagaSanPedroAko on 6 May 2017 at 06:14

New Mapbox imagery has been released for Batangas City, that includes most developments in the area. Only problem is the offset. To trace the imagery, it must be slightly adjusted using existing GPX tracks uploaded to OSM.

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