Increasing mapping activity in Batangas City (update 1)

Posted by TagaSanPedroAko on 27 April 2017 in English (English)

Mapping in Batangas City has been increasing after the LGU-led mapping from March to April, yet, it caused some problems in the current data because of mapping practice that looks like tagging for the renderer. Yet, aside from the LGU-led (Batangas City CPDO, CDRMMO, and OCVAS) mapping, there is a new surge of mapping activity in Batangas City. It is part of the MapTVPL activity in Batangas. One among who led the mapping is (GOwin)[, who mapped Batangas State University, and the surrounding area. Batangas State Univerity’s map has improved, with some named streets inside added, buildings named, and new buildings mapped. It is also the same case for the adjacent Batangas National High School (BNHS), whose buildings have been named and more facilities inside mapped, since I started mapping it’s buildings, plus mapping during the NOAH-ISAIAH HOT task in Batangas.

It may be expected that the Batangas City LGU may start another mapping project, but should have to avoid problems with existing map data, especially buildings and POI’s. The rural barangays have improved, thanks to Batangas City employees contributions, with barangay halls, water supply tanks, schools and day care centers mapped, and a lot more must be expected. Marking the centers of barangays, using the newly added data from Batangas City LGU mapping, are still needed, and further mapping of other missing critical POI’s especially schools, as they serve as evacuation centers in times of calamities.

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