Visualizing how I made Batangas City's map lively from 2015

Posted by TagaSanPedroAko on 22 December 2016 in English (English)

Here is the visualization of features I added/edited around Poblacion, Batangas City and nearby barangays: Visualization of TagaSanPedroAko's features edited in Poblacion, Batangas City

…and for the whole city, including portions outside the city boundary:

Visualization of TagaSanPedroAko's features edited in Batangas City and nearby areas, excluding Verde Island

According to those visualizations, using ITO OSM Mapper, I made most edits on Batangas City are concentrated on the urban part of the city, including Poblacion, Pallocan West, Gulod Itaas, Libjo, San Isidro, Cuta, Malitam, Santa Clara, Calicanto, Kumintang Ilaya and Kumintang Ibaba, Alangilan, and Balagtas, and on a lesser degree, rural areas, like the Tabangao and Pinamukan areas, Simlong, Pagkilatan, Ilijan, Sirang Lupa, the Banaba and Tinga areas. And it seems that I made most contributions in Batangas City since I started mapping in 2015 (actually started in 2014, but inactive until April).

My mapping of Batangas City started with fixing many bad data and adding many POI’s, roads, several buildings, and some of the jeepney routes that forms a large network, with most routes emanating from the “Poblacion” to suburban barangays, and into rural areas or other cities and municipalities. The things I saw with the map of Batangas City before I started making large-scale changes is lack of POI’s, misaligned roads, and lack of road directions and turn restrictions. Routing using OSM map data during that time would be risky, as one may use a one-way street and disobeying turn prohibition or no entry signs, owing to the prevalence of one-way streets, whose directions varied through the years.

My first edit in Batangas City is done through the in-browser editor iD, but switched to JOSM, when I started a surge of edits, starting from this changeset up to this changeset.

Follow-up sets of changesets includes

  1. 31708856 to 31767078

  2. 31785187 to 31785628

  3. 31835036 to 31836903

  4. 31845780 to 31860416

  5. 31893860 to 31897996

  6. 32542459 to 32677528

  7. 32735379

I will continue improving the map of Batangas City, because:

  • There may be changes on POI’s on some areas

  • There are missing/moved/closed POI’s on SM City Batangas, which I have made an indoor map

  • There are missing power lines, like Meralco’s 13.2/7.62 kV distribution lines and 69 kV subtransmission lines, and NGCP’s 69 kV subtransmission system, that seem to be useful for navigation, as they may be landmarks and most run along roads.

  • There is lack of land use (commercial areas, aside from areas occupied by malls or some POI’s)

Location: Park Spring, San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna, Calabarzon, 4023, Philippines

Comment from GOwin on 23 December 2016 at 01:35

Good job! Thanks for helping out, and making OSM more awesome!

Comment from GOwin on 23 December 2016 at 01:38

By the way, the ITO image links you posted are not visible to non-ITO users, or ITO users who are not logged in. I suggest you convert them to regular images so more people can see them.

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