Indoor Mapping of malls in the Philippines

Posted by TagaSanPedroAko on 13 April 2016 in English (English)

I see maps of malls in the Philippines, in OpenStreetMap showing only places, but not the paths to take to reach them. And to solve this, I am mapping the paths to take, but with malls having more than one floor, pathways on the mall may differ by floor, and mapping every floor may be considered.

I am involved in some indoor mapping on some malls in the Philippines. But, indoor mapping is not only limited to one floor; I am mapping every floor to counter some challenges in indoor maps, like unrealistic routing.

I am currently working on indoor mapping of shopping malls in Muntinlupa, with one nearly complete, two incomplete, and one not yet started. Places are also added, closed, or moved every time, so, they need regular updating.

Challenges include mapping mall parking lots with more than one floor, places on other floors and the mapping of the paths inside. Mapping parking lots with more than one floor can be somewhat difficult, and it may have effect on routing. Places inside malls may be on other floors, so, I add the “layer” tag on a place. Paths inside malls may differ by floor level, so, I add every path on each floor, plus the stairs or escalators, to prevent routing making an unrealistic route.

I can only map a few, mostly I have been several times, and this may be helpful to those interested in indoor mapping of malls in the Philippines, and even in other countries.

Please see this example, that I have been working with

Comment from GOwin on 14 April 2016 at 01:34

When doing indoor mapping, some mappers prefer to use the addr:floor to indicate where POIs are located in relation to the building.

While layers are used to describe relationships between crossing or overlapping (large) features (e.g. a building built over a creek, etc.).

Have you seen OpenLevelUp?

Kudos for the great mapping work. Thanks!

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