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Posted by Sven L on 16 December 2009 in English (English).

Quick question—

I'm mapping a stretch of residential street that is closed to motorized traffic during certain weekday hours. Bollards are placed on the road during those hours. How would I tag such a way? And how would I tag the bollards?


Location: University Park, State College, Centre County, Pennsylvania, United States

Comment from Baloo Uriza on 16 December 2009 at 22:04

Tag the bollard points as bollards, and tag the bollards and the way they protect with their daytime restrictions, with hour_on and hour_off (and similar tags) as appropriate. The wiki leads the way!

Comment from Sven L on 16 December 2009 at 23:10

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply! The ‘hour_on’ and ‘hour_off’ pages redirect to ‘opening_hours’, but the information is there nonetheless.

I think I only need special tags for the bollards—assuming they implicitly allow passage of foot and bike traffic. So in this case the bollard nodes get:

opening_hours=Mo-Fr 07:00-16:45

The notion of ‘opening hours’ for a barrier is a little counterintuitive, though: they are closing hours for the road.

Thanks again!

Comment from Pink Duck on 17 December 2009 at 08:57

A shop's door is the barrier for its opening_hours. When the barrier is no longer an issue the shop is open. Thus for bollards the opening_hours should reflect the time when access is possible.

Comment from ᚛ᚐᚋᚐᚅᚇᚐ᚜ 🏳️‍🌈 on 17 December 2009 at 11:03

I also think 'opening hours' is the best thing to use here.

You should probably apply the opening_hours tag to the road aswell, since the road is only 'open' during that time.

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