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Posted by SveLil on 7 August 2011 in English (English).

For an upcoming holiday, I wanted to know the best route from Lausanne to Carcassonne. There's an interesting part of the route, where I could decide wich way to go. So, to the INTERNETS....

The interesting part is a diamond of motorways, in the area of Chambéry, Voiron and Grenoble, the A 41, A43, A 48 and A49

I narrowed the problem down by using starting- and end-points near auto-route-exists.
Start: "Allee des cortis, annecy" or "Impasse des Crêts, Cran-Gevrier, Haute-Savoie, Rhône-Alpes, 74960, France", depending on which map knows which point
End: Avenue de Marseille, Valence, France (Sometimes with house-number 1)

Google-Maps: Gives you three options. Two go off the motorway, one stays on it.
Going of the motorway in the Alps isn't a good idea. I will take you longer, nearly every time. So, choosing the one route, where you stay on the motorway, Google take the southern route, through downtown Grenoble. 201km, 2h 18m

Bing-Maps: Takes the northern approach, 212km, 1h 57m

Navteq (via Map24): Same route as Bing, 212km, 2h 13m

OSRM: Southern route, 203km, 1h 52m

Openrouteservice: Same as Google-Maps default route, going of the motorway. 186km, 1h 52m
By manually telling it to avoid the region inside the diamond, the southern approach was used.202km, 1h 53m

Yours: Didn't want to go on the motorway first. After that, same route as Openrouteservice, 188km , no time given MapQuest didn't like me. I had a terrible hard time setting start and end positions. It always ignored the city in my searches and gave me two possibilities, where I had to choose from.
"Allee de Chaffit, Valence, Rhône-Alpes 26000" as endpoint finally worked, giving me 3 options to choose from. First one, the Google-Maps/Openrouteservice-variant, second one using event less motorway, third one completely without motorway. Northern route, 215km, 2h 2m (Again, MapQuest didn't like the addresses. It started in Annecy centre instead.)

Falk: Northern route, 212km, 1h 56m

Via Michelin: Northern route, 214km, 2h (Started in Annecy center instead)

I'm taking the northern route, using the motorway should be faster, than going off it, even though we would save some kilometres.

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