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waterway=dam + beaver_made=yes over 2 years ago

I’d probably use the natural tag, there are other natural dams created by earthquakes, lava flows or travertine terraces for example perhaps natural=dam

dry streams over 5 years ago

Looking at the help, it looks like you should use waterway=wadi as this “stream” is mostly dry except after rains…

Schools: are they areas or points? about 6 years ago

The OSM example has the school as an area around the various school buildings. Each building should be tagged building=school.

Certainly in the warmer US states you have a few buildings for sets of classrooms, offices, gyms. In colder climates they tend to have only one building.

So the area around the buildings does seem to fit best in warmer climates.

OSM example …

How to add new Business about 6 years ago

If you are the Piyush Luniya from Prince Art Exporter in your case I’d tag your business as; name=Prince Art Exporter shop=furniture (or perhaps interior_decoration)

Also add the website, and whatever other tags are relevant to your business.

Where to report abuse? over 6 years ago

Perhaps someone can expand the blog to add a report abuse, button or add a Captcha to reduce it.

Découverte du jour : comment taguer des arcades dans OSM over 6 years ago

Apologies on the English but my French is pathetic.

You might consider building=roof for arcades.

Land Use = Open Space Buffers over 6 years ago

In some cases if this is scheduled for future development you can use landuse=greenfield

Other tags that might be suitable are perhaps; boundary=protected_area or leisure=nature_reserve

There is some discussion on landuse=grass … it may be depreciated

Making OSM data mor compact over 6 years ago

I would agree with Vincent, a street isn’t a field. By all means nodes should be shared when they are adjacent to each other.

While not correct the US state of Georgia imported roads they assigned a tag usgs-lulc:class=Transportion Communication (I’m guessing it was a typo of transportation), I sort of like it that way. Perhaps there should be a landuse=highway?

FYI: Railways are defined in the wiki as landuse=railway

As well a pet peeve of mine is the Canvec import where the forest areas overlap the highway, in most cases unless the canopy of trees is above the road there is a gap between the two.

Anyone has a tool to fix this kind of way? over 6 years ago

I’ve been trying to fix up some of this mess, but there is a lot of it in Saskatchewan … sigh

Retirement Home over 6 years ago

There already is a tag amenity=nursing_home

and amenity=retirement_home

I guess which you use depends on the level of medical care provided (if any).

Week of April 22-17 over 6 years ago

PS: if there already is a tag for vor, papi … use it. There are a lot of tags that aren’t being rendered for example aeroway=windsock.

Week of April 22-17 over 6 years ago

I’m not sure about the absolute limits of an aerodrome, I’ve typically followed the fence line around the perimeter, then on the ground side followed the property line, its a little fuzzy in industrial areas that are adjacent if they are part of the airport property or not when you’re armchair mapping.

As for navigational aids in some cases they are towers, the tower tag does handle dishes and domes too. man_made=tower

surprising coicidence about 7 years ago

I wasn’t the one that changed the tracks to footways, but it does seem more appropriate;

A track is somewhat usable by vehicles

A footway is used more by pedestrians

A path is less defined than a footway

So in this case footway or path would be appropriate, not track

Low quality traces about 7 years ago

If you look at the Bing imagery a bit closer on the northern part of the traffic circle you can see an arc of darker green grass, my guess it the traffic circle might have been more round in the past and they reconfigured it in the past few years.

Also note the line of browner grass on the old route of the primary highway, this further leads me to believe it was this way in the past.

Less roads == better data? about 7 years ago

Of course if the roads don’t exist they should be removed, but if they do they should be tagged appropriately.

Forest Roads might be two possibilities; highway=unclassified or highway=track

Driveways highway=service, service=driveway (you might want to add access=private)

tag for irrigation sprinkler about 7 years ago

This seems to be more an attribute of farmland so I’d do something like this.

landuse=farmland (perhaps meadow,vineyard,orchard as appropriate) irrigated=yes

The center you might do man_made=well if the center is a well or run a man_made=pipeline, type=water to the center from its origin.

Some of this seems to be an extension of farmland or of water network

secondary_link appears underneath residential ways ?! almost 8 years ago

It should probably be either a secondary or tertiary, a secondary_link is more for turning lanes and and on and off ramps

secondary_link appears underneath residential ways ?! almost 8 years ago

It should probably be either a secondary or tertiary, a secondary_link is more for turning lanes and and on and off ramps

Let’s rid the web of comments like this. almost 8 years ago

Umm Google has their own error feedback process, but every map has errors I'd sooner fix the ones here then let Google know about their shortcomings. For a company who's philosophy was do no evil, they've done quite a bit of evil and seem to becoming more and more the evil empire.

Powerline near Celilo, Oregon, USA almost 8 years ago

Not sure but there is some information here about the Celilo power station