Stratford mapping party

Posted by Steven Whitehouse on 17 November 2008 in English (English)

It was good to meet up with various people at the Stratford-upon-Avon mapping party this weekend. I've since uploaded the track I collected along with adding all the various new roads & paths. My Dad has been initiated into the art of OSM surveying and we had a very nice lunch too. All the service roads and car parks in Stratford Cemetary have been added to the map, but still the overall outline and paths are left to do there.

After lunch we headed back via Preston-on-Stour which seems to be quite a nice little village. We didn't do it all, but we added a number of roads, the church, war memorial and a foot path in that area too.

There is one small bit left where I need to move the river Stour slightly where it goes under a bridge (I assume it was traced from NPE or something) which I can't do as I've had a problem getting the waypoints out of my Garmin Etrex Vista. Hopefully I'll get the fixed shortly though.

Otherwise, all good fun and helped greatly by the good weather.

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