Carreg Cennen and Paxton's Tower

Posted by Steven Whitehouse on 28 April 2008 in English (English)

So this weekend I went a bit further afield. I've added Trapp and more of the roads which converge at Trapp. There is at least one missing though, so that needs adding later.

Also I've added the road which goes from Llanarthne to Paxton's Tower. It also goes past the Botanic Gardens before reaching the main road. I've left that little bit though as I need to gather more tracks before I complete that. So thats left for a future trip for now.

There is a second road from Llanarthne almost parallel to the one I added which is missing. To be honest though, there is so much missing in this area, that I guess its not too surprising really.

Also I added the concrete lumps at Oxwich and also the Pill Box which is hidden under the trees near the road. There are still a bunch of things missing here to such as the buildings on the beach and also the second set of toilets, the phone box at the cross-roads, the post box and probably more besides.

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