Another day, another road (or two)

Posted by Steven Whitehouse on 18 April 2008 in English (English)

Driving around north Gower I realise just how much is left to do in that area... lots of little villages, most of which don't appear on the map. Lots of odd tracks, paths and bridleways....

Comment from Steve Hill on 19 April 2008 at 09:06

Yes, mapping (especially if you're on foot) can take a surprising amount of time. I've certainly put in a fair few hours wandering around between Cwmrhydyceirw and Clydach and that isn't an especially big area. I guess that Gower might be a bit quicker since it isn't all densely packed cul-de-sacs, but it is still a lot of work, along with pretty much the whole of Swansea north of Gower Road.

If you've got a lot of through-roads, driving is much quicker, but I haven't worked out a good way of recording road names while driving. When walking I just wander around with GPS and camera and take geotagged photos of road signs, etc.

Comment from Steven Whitehouse on 19 April 2008 at 17:57

I thought I'd be able to do a lot of the roads from the car, but when I've actually got to them I've often discovered that they are unsurfaced and thus only passable in a 4x4, so on foot will most likely be the only option. Plus the various telephone boxes, bus stops, etc will be an on foot thing. Still I've seen a lot of places I've never seen before by doing all this.

Comment from Steve Hill on 20 April 2008 at 10:14

I found just wandering around my local estate very enlightening - you get to discover all sorts of things like footpaths you never knew existed. Although I do wonder how long it'll be before someone accuses me of being a terrorist, with all this wandering up and down cul-de-sacs with a GPS and camera :)

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