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Helsingør Kommune

Posted by Stefania_M on 1 November 2012 in English (English).

As during the tagging I used only the municipality cycle GIS data, some Bing maps and Google street view there are still some areas (mostly paths) where I’m in doubt if you can ride your bike or not. I am thinking that someone with more knowledge of the area might be able to help. Here they come:

  • Path near Barken Margrethes Vej;
  • Path near Vegavej;
  • Path near Solvej;
  • Path near Plantagevej;
  • Path near Valsen;
  • Path near Ålsgårde Stationsvej;
  • Path near Højditsvej;
  • Path near Fuglebakkevej - Bornholmvejthrough (continues trough the forrest);

– other problems: - Sandgaardsvej, left end – don’t really know if the road is blocked or continues; - Tredie Tangvej, bloked at one end?;

If someone is interested I can also send a pdf with crops of the areas mentioned above. A bit more easy to find your way.

Route planner project and OSM

Posted by Stefania_M on 11 October 2012 in English (English).

Dear OSM users,

Cykelsuperstier(Denmark) has just started a new cycle project that covers the entire Great Copenhagen area (Region Hovedstaden). The project involves the design of a route planner that will use Open street map data as data source.

A good and precise performance of the route planner requires OSM data as up to date as possible. To increase the OSM data quality Cykelsuperstier is currently working together with Cyklist Forbundet (Danish Bicycle Association). Improvements can be seen so far for Herlev, Ballerup, Egedal and Frederikssund municipalities. They will be followed shortly by Helsingør (updated as we speak) and Gentofte municipalities. The knowledge we have so far is based on FOT and different cycle data hold by the municipalities. Still, we are missing “the local” knowledge. Anyone with knowledge of the area is welcome to join, tag and share his experience with us.

Monthly updates, milestones and issues regarding the OSM data are going to be posted here and on our facebook page (Cykelsuperstier).

Location: Meatpacking District, Vesterbro, Copenhagen, Copenhagen Municipality, Capital Region of Denmark, 1711, Denmark