Mapping East Carolina University

Posted by Sparks on 23 December 2013 in English (English)

Not sure why I care (except for maybe that I didn’t do it while I was there) but I’ve been trying to fix much of the mapping data for Greenville, NC and, specifically, East Carolina University. My alma mater has never been accurate on any map that wasn’t university-printed. For the several years I was a student there, and then afterwards when I worked there, one could say that I lived in a perpetual construction zone. There were always buildings going up, roads closing or getting moved around, and new paved “trails” being created to help students get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

Using the Bing satellite imagery (which is sorely out of date) I’ve been working on updating the maps and getting the road names in place to make it easier to find things. Of course no one on campus really looks at road names so I’m also working on tracing the buildings and make sure they are all named correctly. Hopefully any new student will be able to simply turn on their phone and route to a building via foot or bicycle and get good, accurate routing information. Hopefully I’ll get this project complete and will be able to go back and visit to verify that they haven’t done something strange in the past 3-4 years (since the imagery was collected) and built a building somewhere unexpected.

Location: College View, Pitt County, North Carolina, 27858-4353, USA

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