Plymouth, NC updates

Posted by Sparks on 4 December 2013 in English (English)

Over Thanksgiving holiday I spent some time cleaning up my old home town. I’m pretty happy with the roads within the city limits now. They are mostly correct and contain speed limits and side walks (where applicable).

I did a survey of the downtown area but then lost the captured data. Since I was in a hurry the data was incomplete so I’m not going to be upset with the loss of information (my error completely, btw). Next time I’m in town I’ll try to get pictures and address information and get those businesses on the map.

I still need to update the roadways in the Weyerhaeuser/Domtar industrial complex. The railroads were mostly wrong but I was able to remedy those issues in an hour or so. The roadways are going to be more difficult as they are everywhere (I believe the place is completely paved over).

I was also happy to find speed limits on most of the roads along my route from Maryland to North Carolina. Some of the speed limits were incorrect on I-664 and I-64 in the Hampton Roads area but I went through and updated them.

Location: Plymouth, Washington County, North Carolina, 27962, USA

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