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Posted by SoCal Maplove on 30 July 2020 in English (English)

Today I learned that there’s a diary function in OSM. Huh. I would hardly refer to my region as “undermapped”, given that streets and addresses are all where they should be, but the wiki says that diary entries help in such regions, and my changes seem to be the most common ‘round these parts.

Since I’m new to this, I’ll explain my rationale for some changes so that the poor innocents that come after me have a reason behind the madness.

Several of the places I’ve been making changes to are just random additions to existing things, such as adding pavement types to roads and footpaths, adding the number of levels and roof types to buildings, and other small stuff like that. That all started months ago when I first learned about the Street Complete app. I liked adding detail to my neighborhood, but I wondered why my options for making changes were so limited.

Months pass, and one of the achievements in Street Complete pointed me towards a browser-based editor that I could use to make changes when I wasn’t walking around. One glance at my changesets as of a few weeks ago shows how well I took to the new editing tools.

Lacking any sort of guidance other than the brief tutorial, I started by adding “house” areas to houses in the area, but didn’t remove the existing address pins for fear of stepping on toes. Aerial images, my frequent walks, and plenty of COVID-19-induced alone time have led me to making more changes in the city, however.

Side note: read the documentation. It’s good for the soul.

More editing has taught me more about how the different parts of the map work together, and seeing those edits being uploaded to the other projects that take advantage of the OSM database is a very nice feeling.