我在2天前编辑了沪杭铁路的限速等数据,然而到现在Openrailwaymaps没有任何改动。各位OSMer能给我一个解释吗? I edited Huhang railway for maxspeed and usage 2 days ago, however, I can’t see any changes in Openrailwaymaps. Can anybody gives me an answer?

Location: 农科院社区, 杭州市, 浙江省, 310004, 中国

Comment from Nakaner on 14 March 2020 at 18:26


sorry, I accidentially turned off rendering new tiles when I updated the map styles a few days ago. I turned on rendering tiles (and re-rendering tiles with changes) but it might take a few days for the server to get up to date.

Best regards

Michael (OpenRailwayMap maintainer)

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